• Connecting your SAP to not only public registers is no more complicated

    Connecting your SAP to not only public registers is no more complicated

    No need to develop and maintain your own solution. No need to buy a ready-made, however, still technically complex solution with costly operation based on Z-development in your SAP.
  • Visualization of production and operating data

    Visualization of production and operating data

    KCT Data entered into partnership with the company COPA-DATA GmbH focused on visualization of production and operating data
    Visualized data will enable you for instance to optimize your machine loads to make your overall production and operations run with minimum idle times and maximum productivity while assuring product quality.
  • SAP OK

    SAP OK

    We have created a unique package of 50 electronic courses that will teach your users to make better use of your SAP.
    This tool will help you to train all your users in handling the SAP and it can be integrated directly into the system.
  • Mobile devices in your enterprise

    Mobile devices in your enterprise

    Visit our new website dedicated to using mobile equipment in your enterprise with a support by SAP!
    We have prepared a brand new site on possible use of mobile devices for a variety of purposes. Find more information on www.sapmobility.cz .
  • KCT Data is a partner of Sybase

    KCT Data is a partner of Sybase

    KCT Data has become the first VAR partner of Sybase Products Czech in the Czech Republic.
  • How to monitor SAP?

    How to monitor SAP?

    Eliminate problems before they emerge by monitoring your SAP
    The Solution Manager version 7.1 provides a new infrastructure bringing the monitoring of SAP environment and processes to an entirely new level.

SAP enhancements for each department

For financial department


We work closely together with our customers to enable them to use their SAP ERP to the very best. Thanks to our 13 years of experience in implementation, rollout and user support in FI, we can adapt your corporate SAP template to all the requirements of your local legislation using standard SAP tools.

For logistics & distribution


We consistently support your logistics and materials management processes, thus directly enhancing your performance. Their newly available opportunities motivate your users and help them handle their logistics and warehousing activities directly in your SAP.

For HR department


Supporting HR processes using SAP tools is one of our specialties. We help our customers in discovering unknown opportunities in the SAP and thus exploiting their already made investment. Our objective is to fully integrate HR processes into the SAP and make them manageable in real time.

For IT department


Our support for your IT is focused on designing, creating, maintaining and enhancing your solution portfolio in order to assure its high added value and to make it a unique contribution to reducing the total cost of ownership of your SAP.

Educational services

We provide educational services both for enhancements by KCT Data and for the selected SAP products. Our courses are organized both internally and externally.

Other services

We support the success of your SAP projects by means of consulting, peer reviews, project management, and services by SAP consultants and developers. We also offer acceptance testing of completed projects.


    • 14. 5.


      "SAP & VAT" breakfast in Ostrava & Brno

      Zveme Vás na pravidelný snídaňový seminář tentokráte na téma "DPH a SAP", který se koná dne 29.5.2012 v Ost pobočka KCT Data, adresa: 28. října 150, 702 00 Ostrava) a 27.6.2012 v Brně (pobočka KCT Data, adresa: Vídeňská 89 A, 639 00 Brno) od 8:30. Na semináři budou prezentovány produkty…

    • 14. 5.


      "Electronization of Education" KCT breakfast

      Dne 25.4.2012 proběhl snídaňový seminář na téma „Elektronizace vzdělávacího procesu“, Účastníci se seznámili s možnostmi řešení této problematiky v SAP včetně možného obsahu - elektronických kurzů pro uživatele SAP, které vytvořila naše společnost a které zajistí jak rychlé zaškolení nových už…

    • 14. 5.


      "Incoming Mail Register" KCT breakfast

      Řešíte ve vaší firmě třídění, distribuci a další zpracování došlých e-mailů, faxů i papírových dokumentů v SAP?   Dovolujeme   pozvat na tradiční Snídaňový seminář, tentokrát na téma:   „Kniha Došlé Pošty“,  rý se koná dne 30.5.2012 od 8:30 v Praze v sídle naší společnosti (KCT Da…

    • 14. 5.


      About "SAP & VAT" breakfast in Prague

      Dne 28.3.2012 se konal v Praze pravidelný snídaňový seminář na téma "DPH a SAP". Téměř 30-ti účastníkům z významných českých společností jsme  na praktických ách prezentovali produkty a postupy přizpůsobující SAP české legislativě v oblasti DPH.  Děkujeme všem přítomn aktivní účast a pře…

    • 14. 5.


      Evaluation in SAP

      Chcete jít cestou opravdu úspěšných a ještě nehodnotíte vaše zaměstnance? Máte to v plánu brzy změnit? ZvemeVás na Snídaňový seminář pro oblast podpory personálních procesů v SAP:  „Přednastavený   hodnocení aneb jak jednoduše, rychle a levně zavést podnikový systém hodnocení v SAPu“ dne 2…

    • 14. 5.


      Reduce the cost of ownership of your SAP

      Solution Manager ale podporuje i jiné oblasti, než jen &úržbu b&aá. Funkcionalita, kter&aáe zdarma a ře&scšílmi užitečn&eacuésti. Oblasti, kter&eacuéenam&aacuáuáoumat, protože n&aacutámu nic nenut&iacutíaacutáto čas. Proč bychom se prohrabááovýývímíute;cýů...…

    • 14. 5.


      SAP Training Configurator and SAP in EDUCA III subsidy programme

      Praha, 21.3.2012 Cílem snídaně je představit zcela nové možnosti v organizaci a přípravě vzdělávání SAP uživatelů a detailně seznámit s možností využití poslední dotace na vzdělávání – EDUCA III pro školení uživatelů v systému SAP. Každý účastník si odnese smart dárek k prvnímu jarnímu dni.…

About KCT Data

Our mission

We support our customers in their successful journey through their business activities.

What KCT Data will do for you

We are a company of specialists helping our customers to effectively use their information systems.

Our focus covers both process and technological aspects of information systems. We have over fifteen years of experience with SAP systems and enterprise activities and processes handled by them. We also offer a wide range of training in SAP from modern e-learning courses to classic sessions with a trainer. Our portfolio includes both short or operative courses and long-term education.

Our partners have an opportunity to hire our specialists for their own projects. Our staff includes tens of top process and technological consultants and programmers, as well as experienced project managers. Thanks to our branch offices, we are directly present in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Liberec, our subsidiary provides services to our customers in Bratislava.

Our customers

Directly or together with our partners, we provide regular services to tens of customers including large multinationals, medium size manufacturing and trading companies, as well as public and government organizations.

Our ambition is to deliver to our customers useful values helping them to achieve their goals.

Our partners

We work actively together with major system integrators. Our experience and knowledge help them to deliver their comprehensive projects and services. Our staff make up for their missing or highly specialized qualifications and capacities.

Together with our partners, our effort is to positively influence the market in order to be able to fulfil even unspoken needs of our customers.

Our history

KCT Data was established in 1999 by a group of software specialists with a deep insight into information technologies and practical experience in software development in Czech Republic and internationally. From the very beginning, KCT Data’s main focus was the development of tailor-made software related to SAP information systems. During the years, the company has grown into a provider of comprehensive SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver consulting services and solutions and has developed its own product portfolio.

In 2013, our three-year focus in the field of mobiling was crowned with a brand new mobile application helping our customers to inventory their physical assets. The product has been awarded the „SAP Certified Mobile App“ label as the first one in Czech Republic.

Helping others

Helping others is one of our key values establishing our professional and social responsibility.
Our support is intended for people, who are highly talented or extremely committed to their work.

We are often unaware of the amount of effort or the lucky circumstances making those  people achieve their level of expertise or accomplish what they exceedingly desire to. At the same time, we know that not everybody has an opportunity do develop his or her gifts or his or her sought-after profession.  We support especially projects encompassing the aspect of developing or protecting talented people.

Our aid takes on the form of a financial contribution or an advertising partnership.

Divadlo Kámen Theatre

We support the Theatre Kamen project on a longstanding basis. Kamen is a small original theatre studio open for new and creative artists. Several new unique pieces are created every year and performed mostly at the group’s home near Prague’s Invalidovna. More about Divadlo Kamen Theatre at  www.divadlokamen.cz.

SAP project for the Ratolest Brno non-profit organization

The mission of Ratolest is to help socially disadvantaged children, young people and families to cope with their stressful situation or to prevent it and achieve equal opportunities for quality life and integration into society. Within this programme, we support the SAP activity providing assistance and help to families with children living in a prolonged critical situation threatening the sound development of children. More about Ratolest at www.ratolest.cz.

Centre for Knowledge Management, CTU-FEE

Our specialists provide regular lectures as part of the Open Informatics programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL), Czech Technical University in Prague. The lecture acquaints the students with both process and technical aspects of the SAP software. Talented students interested in enterprise information systems can explore the SAP also beyond the scope of this lecture making use of our direct consulting or practical activities. More about the Centre for Knowledge Management, CTU-FEE at czm.fel.cvut.cz.


  • ABAP developer

    Hledáme kolegu/kolegyni, který/á se stane součástí našeho týmu, pro dlouhodobou perspektivu v naší společnosti.   Pozice VÝVOJÁŘE ABAP spočívá zejména v těchto činnostech: analýza požadavků zákazníka za účelem návrhu řešení a realizace nástroji IT návrh, vývoj a testovaní programů a aplikační…


  • SAP developer

    Hledáme vývojáře SAP pro trvalou spolupráci. Rádi Vám nabídneme dlouhodobou perspektivu v naší společnosti.   Koho hledáme? Kolegu/kolegyni: s minimálně středoškolským vzděláním, se znalostí programování v jakémkoliv prostředí, který/á se rychle učí, se schopností intenzivně a kvalitně pra…


Contact information

Headquarters in Prague

KCT Data, s.r.o.
Průmyslová 1472/11
102 19 Praha 10
Email: info@kctdata.cz
Tel.: +420 241 776 895
Fax: +420 241 776 896
IČO: 25730878
DIČ: CZ25730878

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Subsidiary in Brno

KCT Data, s.r.o.
Vídeňská 89A
630 00 Brno

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Subsidiary in Ostrava

KCT Data, s.r.o.
28. října 150 
702 00 Ostrava 
Tel.: +420 596 602 420
Fax: +420 596 602 420

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Subsidiary in Liberec

KCT Data, s.r.o.
 Londýnská 51/2
 460 01 Liberec

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